Shape Shifters


Caught on the cusp of a cloud

In wisps of pink ribbon

Not floating exactly:

Pummelling through unborn rain –

A dream of laughter.

I turn a grain of sand with the tip of my tongue

Against conch-teeth.

As my body dissintegrates into the surf,

Time swirls.


Daily Prompt: Sudden Shifts

19 thoughts on “Shape Shifters

    • It has been a long time since I have penned rather than typed a poem first, but it appears that paper requires simplicity and simplicity – at least in that moment – had treasures of its own to offer. 🙂 Thank you, Lee-Anne.

      • Yes indeed!
        I know what you mean about writing it out. Computers are wonderful but there’s something about hand-on-paper…I read somewhere that you think more when actually penning 🙂
        Do you carry a little notebook with you, Vic in case you get a good idea?

      • I do have a notebook with me. Always. Its is a black moleskine. I have fragments of anything and everything within 🙂

  1. There’s something very un-earthly about this, yet, at the same time, something universal. Do we embrace or resist change? Timeless question, I feel. An emotive poem, Vic.

  2. Wowsa, sending shivers to the amygdala, Vic, with “unborn rain” and the there-ness of “conch-teeth,” which I can feel on my skin. Lovely in its resoluteness in the face of dissolution!

    • I was reflecting today on the impossibility of capturing into words the indefinite in-between and yet your comment persuaded me that – for once at least – I just about managed it. Thank you!

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