Unexpected Beauty

Unexpected Beauty by Vic Briggs

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

Etched into the shadow of a tree, as if to take respite from the heat of the day, there lay my wonder in miniature. Notice the rays of sunshine against the azure fabric of the mushroom’s cap? The slight curve of its fragile stem? To me, this picture is a veritable treasure trove of contrasts. I am curious to know which one(s) you noticed first.

34 thoughts on “Unexpected Beauty

    • Oh! I am so happy you noticed them, Chris. I spotted this tiny mushroom in the shade of a tree and was so focused on capturing it on my screen that it was only once I got home and had a bigger screen to see it on that I glimpsed that pair of minuscule mushrooms-in-the-making. Two little red delights to add to my first.

      • It is curious, Chris, I agree and in the best of ways: our differences are as much of what makes life worth exploring as our similarities in both perspective, interpretation and everything else in-between.

      • I like taking photos of mushrooms too 🙂 Amazing formations 🙂 I have enjoyed our little chat 🙂

      • We share a love of these extraordinarily resilient fungi then 🙂 And the feeling is reciprocated, Paula. Hope you have a chance to capture some mushroomy wonders this coming weekend (will keep a lookout).

      • Oh, I am very sorry to hear that. I hope you will get better soon – I am new to your blog so if you have written about it I would not have had a chance to read of it yet (feel free to add a link to any relevant post in your reply and I will make sure to read it). Meanwhile, warm regards and best wishes for a return to health.

      • I really appreciate it. I haven’t written about it. I hope I will not have to write about it. This means a lot on a hard day like this. Thank you.

  1. It’s beautiful, Vic.
    I came across a toadstool recently on my morning run, nestled in among some nondescript weeds – it made me think of picture books and fairies!

    • You make me quite ashamed of myself: it’s been such a long while since I’ve done anything as healthy as a run. I will try to use you as my inspiration for better judgement and decision-making from now on. 🙂 Thank you, Lee-Anne, and what wonderful imagery to be prompted by a toadstool: beautiful. Thank you!

      • Oh Vic, my ‘run’ is more of an intermittent jog-walk but I have a lively dog who needs exercise so it’s fun for him and gives me the illusion of being fit! (and often an illusion is all we need) 🙂

    • Thank you, April. It’s lovely to have so many eyes noticing something slightly different in this picture: it seems to add texture and layers to its narrative.

  2. The branch against the soft brown rubble is what caught my eye. Then it moved on to the flower. I didn’t really ‘see’ the azure until I read the description.

    • I love how diverse the interpretations of the photograph are proving to be. Now that you mentioned it, the root does look rather like a branch and the mushroom is certainly flower-like. Beauty and the eye of the beholder 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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