Veiled Muse | Bitter-Sweet


My sweet,

Why do you tremble so

Whenever I approach

And bitter eyes of hollow

In my direction turn?

Why is your tongue so stern

And whence is hid your play?

If only such another

Could weave its malign blood

Into my own again,

Its call I would obey.

Forgive my truant heart

Its skipping beat, and know

That since your favour’s loss

This madness is my gift:

A sightless horror born

Of sugared spleen, and cast

Into a writer’s pen…



Picky Tongues

12 thoughts on “Veiled Muse | Bitter-Sweet

    • Thank you, Chris. I wonder hoe many artists have dedicated quite so much of their verse to that ever-elusive muse. I cannot help it: it is a rather important (if difficult) relationship for me at present.

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    • We each have our own ways of expressing ourselves and I guess life would be rather boring were we all creative in the exactly same way. Thank you for your lovely comment and for adding a little more beauty to my day.

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