I blame Cinderella

PumpkinGrin by Vic Briggs

No. Not today. Thank you.

I was sitting there quietly, minding my own business, when a mad witch magicked me out of the ether to deliver some damsel to a ball. Did anyone ask me what it was I wanted to do? Did they even care that I had a spot of moon bathing planned for my night out on the pumpkin patch? No Siree. Go fetch.

Still. It could’ve been worse. Some maniac may have taken to carving out my ribbed skin and sticking candles in my underbelly just for the fun of it. Oh wait. That happens too. Halloween they call it; a pumpkin’s worst nightmare. You sit there scared half to death, a fake grin cut across your face while a merciless flame burns whatever of your insides survived the pulping. Savages.

I wanted to be an artist. That dream of modest stardom was squashed long ago. All scooped out, I am but the footnote in someone else’s storyline.


Daily Prompt: Teen Age Idol

15 thoughts on “I blame Cinderella

    • They are rather hard done by, aren’t they? Mad as it may sound, today I had one of those days… feeling scooped out and then this pumpkin came to the rescue. I thought it only fair to return the favour 🙂

  1. OK, now I have to write a post from the viewpoint of a horse apple.(And if you don’t know what a ‘horse-apple is’)
    Well here is a clue:
    Bois d’arc tree.
    Very Texan.

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  3. “… the footnote in someone else’s storyline”. A lovely, albeit sad (forgive me 😀 for saying “hollow”) conclusion of an artist’s aspirations; here’s to a happier outcome for other artistic endeavours!

    • Here here! I will certainly drink to that, and forgive my somewhat melancholy finishing line: was going through a rather tough time back when – not unlike my pumpkin 🙂

      • Cheers! – but no apologies necessary, Vic, and hope the difficult time has eased and is giving way. Good to see more of your work again lately!


      • Things are looking up, Shelagh, thank you. I am getting better at balancing blogging and my other work – which can only mean more of both. Or so I hope at least.

      • Glad to hear it! … and it is a challenge, isn’t it, this act of balancing? I must be a glutton, as I’ve begun a second blog, with this one focused on photography.

        Have a great evening.

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