It’s raining… awards

Awards-file-pictureRecognition from one’s peers has a special significance not only because the awards are seldom expected. They are also a reminder that we are part of a community, a fellowship, a family of writers if you will, and that our efforts have not gone unnoticed. It is for this reason in part that I have postponed accepting the awards I’ve been nominated for of late: I wanted to give them the attention I felt they deserved and pass them on to those of you who have been brightening the blogosphere for me and many others.

Unfortunately, it will be a while still before I am able to do as I wish on that front. There is a long list of fellow bloggers I would like to thank for nominating me for a plethora of awards since… January, and unfortunately I’m yet to locate quite a number of these amongst comments on older posts (I know you are out there somewhere). So… before the same fate befalls my spring awards, I will intercede with this acknowledgement in hopes of returning with individual acceptance and nomination posts in the near future.

Alienora, thank you for your generous spirit and relentless support of others  and thank you too for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

I was touched by AlyGeorges‘ nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you, Aly and I hope you know that your messages never fail to inspire.

Thank you, Don for the Butterfly Light Award, for the Inner Peace Award and the Angel Award. Hope I haven’t forgotten any of them. The new designs are very good fun too: soon there will be no unCharismatic awards on WordPress 😉

A big thank you to Ivy for the I Am Part Of The WordPress Family Award. It will be very difficult to decide on a limited number for this particular award. How does one choose?

Although insofar as I understand the rules of the Liebster Award,  my blog no longer qualifies for it, I am thankful to Anne for thinking of me, and may pass the award along anyways. It is always a delight to try and find new bloggers out there.

Many thanks to you all, and I will do my best to pass these awards on to many deserving bloggers before long.

Warm regards,


20 thoughts on “It’s raining… awards

    • Thank you, Ali, and I look forward to sharing them soon. May have to clone myself so that one of me can do the writing, the other the blogging and commenting, and a third for award acceptance research 😉

    • It is always the most difficult part. I always feel that so many deserving bloggers are left out. Will see what I can do. May have to give one award per blogger so that the sharing can go further 🙂

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