The Milky Way-in-sandstorm_by Terje Sorgjerd

We’re mere memories,

Clutter and stardust.

A thousands years hence,

Our balance-sheets disolved,

What voice will carry forth

The story’s end?

The corpse of wish-lists finds

Its last respite in ennui:

A cemetery of receipts

For bargain dreams.

These burial grounds

Will keep their secrets still,

Perfumed by apathetic sighs

And littered with regret.

Memento mori.  


Daily Prompt: Dust in the Wind

20 thoughts on “Ennui

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  2. we’re mere memories, clutter and star dust….
    a cemetery of receipts for bargain dreams…
    the dreams that we fail to pursue out of fear or a feeling of unworthiness are the ones that we haunt us at life’s end…the easy route we chose to take, the failure to leave our comfort zones for the pursuit of excellence and greatness will hound us…and leave us drained and unfulfilled

    beautiful poem excellently crafted

    • Certainly, topazo, and there are too the many “borrowed!” wish-lists that we get tangled in because we think we ought to. How many of us spend years striving towards something, only to realise it was someone else’s dream we were attempting to fulfil rather than our own. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, as always.

  3. Yes. “A cemetery of receipts/for bargain dreams” is some fine wordcraft.

    If you asked me one thing to change that might make it better, I would remove the word “mere” from the first line.

    “We’re memories.” Is the way I would do it.With a hard stop.That makes it more pressing and immediate, I think.

    • I am writing a lot about the significance of memory of late so I have a feeling that it may become a recurring theme in my poetry. Thank you, Chris. Hope you are well.

  4. A thousand years hence…
    i hope to be refound by the right future scholars if humans are still thriving 🙂
    to be remembered for the right reasons
    a tame saga of intrigue and confusion and laughter
    you’ve made me go all whistful 🙂

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