A life in 50 words


Fifteen years of fear and regret exited his life in the belly of a suitcase. She wouldn’t forgive him. Yet… the betrayal felt like that of a stranger. The child belonged to another: the youth who died at the bottom of a bottle when his lover disappeared without a trace.


The Daily Post, Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

8 thoughts on “A life in 50 words

    • Thank you, Chris. It was a strange experience, having to compress an entire story into fifty words and it took some thinking. I must have edited this fragment a dozen times before reaching something I was satisfied with. I love the fact that you picked up on that life-time focus on that one event (this is the sub-story for one of my works in progress – having done a lot of writing up and research for it, I am almost tempted to keep it for a prequel).

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