Doomed Love

Helen of Troy

Lies forged from blooms of steel

And quenched in blood,

Their last hopes interred

In the womb of a murderous gift.

Breathe silence 

Lest sands painted crimson in rage

Would betray their guise.

Beyond the twilight of a crumbling star

Awaits beauty’s scorn;

Her flight redeemed 

By the sails of a kingdom adrift.

Scalded in vengeance…

Doomed love.


Daily Prompt: Third Rate Romance

24 thoughts on “Doomed Love

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  2. “By the sails of a kingdom adrift.
    Scalded in vengeance…
    Doomed love”.

    Seems I am always quoting your last lines, but seems they are always (for me) the most powerful.

    • Thank you, Lance. I had to battle through quite a few variants until I finally found the lines I was searching for, so I am grateful for your feedback. It is always a delight when verse resonates.

    • Thank you, Lee-Anne. Always a pleasure to see you too. My novel stole me away for a while. I’m at the climax stage and it is difficult to tear away from it at present.

  3. This is an epic poem (and I don’t mean it in the modern, slangified “epic” sense), chock-full of passion and savagery. Beauty wars with brutality: hopes are interred in wombs and love, doomed, is scalded in vengeance. A buffet for the mind and the senses here, Vic!

    • Dear Leigh, thank you. I have been re-reading Virgil’s account of the Trojan war and before reaching the second paragraph the imagery was so vivid in my mind’s eye that I had to commit it to the page.

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    • Thank you, Chris. I experimented with the “historian’s viewpoint”, while trying to avoid the detachment usually associated with it. It appears that I have just about struck the hoped-for balance.

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