Star-crossed lovers


We’re star-cross’d lovers, long

Our doom has been foretold

And broken nights askance,

Their favour will withhold.

So should our paths entwine,

Pray you abscond their plea.

Pursue another’s love,

From fortune’s gaol flee.

And when your dreams are laced

With remnants of my scent

Find solace in her touch

Let absent bliss fragment. 



Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You

15 thoughts on “Star-crossed lovers

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  2. A lovely tapping into the nature of the Soul-mate/lover whom one meets time and time again in different incarnations, and longs for with a absolute purity of pain/pleasure. Beautiful. xxx

    • Oh… and yet should a Romeo and a Juliet or a Tristan and Isolde taken that line, I doubt that we would know their stories quite so well. Still, the idea appealed to me. Thank you, Mike.

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