If I were a painter

Artist Palette With Basic Colors And Palette Knives

If I were a painter

My knife’s edge would glimmer with life

And lost in a canvass of white

Its spectre would carve

Only you.

A palette of shadows:

Burnt umber will blend with your soul,

Through darkness will seek earthly light

Enthral in my chase

And subdue

Time’s quickening tempo.



This poem was inspired by Sergey Gusev’s portrait painting tutorial “How To Paint Like Old Masters.”

Sergey Gusev Art


In this video tutorial I will show how to paint a man’s portrait using colours of old painters: ochre, umber, ultramarine and white.

I am using a knife only. I blend colours on the palette and paint the portrait using my palette knifes of different sizes,

Thanks for watching! Subscribe to my channel – new portrait paintings are coming in a few days!

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21 thoughts on “If I were a painter

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  2. Bob Ross was an awesome painter with an awesome afro.

    If I were a painter I would be like Bob, just no afro.

    • I created while watching the painter bring life to his canvass and listening to the classical music accompanying his journey. I could not help but be inspired. Thank you, Susan.

  3. The last two lines are fabulous.

    I’ve dabbled a little in painting, but not enough to be good at it. It’s a very pleasant activity once you get everything set up and get into it. I’d recommend that anyone give it a try. You can do a lot with one canvas and three tubes of paint, if you pick the right colors.

    • I favour charcoal, but have always wanted to give oil painting a try. Will let you know if I dare attempt it. Unfortunately my painting days were cut short for lack of funds when I was a child. I got just enough schooling to master basic technique, but nothing beyond that. A few years ago I created a series of charcoal drawings for a boutique hotel: original art for the “family connection” πŸ˜‰ Now I wish I had been a little more adventurous… And subdue / Time’s quickening tempo.

      • I like charcoal, too, and I love pastel chalk. I’ve dabbled a little in acrylics, and managed to produce one painting good enough to hang on a wall (it took weeks). Visual media is difficult, but I think it’s worth the effort, if you have the time an motivation for it.

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