Window Treasures by Vic Briggs

There are days when words come easily. They pour out. Generous. Sparkling with insight – or so at least I’d like to think. Then there are other days. Days when you wake up and stumble over something as you step out into the world. It may be a mean-spirited piece. A harsh word that caught you defenceless. Or perhaps it is the wave of a moon not yet asleep. It depletes you of will. And no matter how much you may try, you find you soul barren of feeling and your mind racing through the dust, unable to settle on one thought alone.

This is one of those days. Doors will not open. The curtains are drawn, and the beauty of an expired day torn away from me before I could try it for taste.

I refuse to let it end that way, so I delve into my chest of treasures to find another day. One that had not passed me by unexamined. Here is my find. A little creature. It may be a bug, although I can’t be sure. It carries a barrel of flowers into the last moments of today and I share them with you.

Let them make your morrow brighter if yours was a cloudy sky and all the sunnier if contentment is yours.

Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door

24 thoughts on “Defenceless

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  3. Your lack-of-words-coming-easily has actually produced a beautiful post, Vic!

    I love that bug on a unicycle with those GORGEOUS red geraniums in its basket! Such a thing as this just makes me feel happy – *plans mission to find and buy bug on unicycle with basket*

    • That rule about writing what we know… I’m not certain that it always applies. It has its dangers. When everything else fails however, it is always there to pick us up. If only I knew where you could get a bug-on-unicycle 🙂

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  6. Beautifully put, Vic. Never lose sight of the fact that the words are always there – it’s just that sometimes, like excited children, they are too busy having fun to come home. Take care, Chris.

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