Opaque… desire undisclosed;

An empty everydayness stalls,

Awaiting your return.


Caught in the shackles of your scent

In voiceless rain all dreams descend

Your absence to conceal.


Blissfully blinded to your faults,

Forgiven lips your touch exalts

And draped in colour, burn.


And when my eyelids blossom grief,

Their longing will caress in sleep

‘Till they unlearn to feel.


Daily Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time

28 thoughts on “Unrequited

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    • Thank you, Ali. It lay hidden within for a while, waiting for the right time to break through. So pleased that it resonated with you and thank you too for the reblog: much appreciated. xxx

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  4. “blissfully blinded to your faults” love in its early stages is blind and everything appears perfect…sadly, the faults overlooked are the very source of grief in the not too distant future…the so called “irreconcilable differences”

    • I wonder at times whether we love at times someone for their faults rather than despite them, whether our blindness is a conscious choice. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, topazo. I agree that love can overlook differences in the beginning and that may come to haunt us later on.

      • maybe both of them. loving them for their faults makes them human in our sights and loving them despite their faults makes us hope that they will change…

        but when the change doesn’t come, we stop loving it because it has now become a source of hurt to us and we begin to resent them for it…for being human, for being flawed…then our love will be based on them being perfect and not hurting us…

        it is in that character of loving them inspite of the hurt they cause that makes us attain unto the divine

      • Interesting… yes at times perhaps it can be about the hope that the other person will change, although I was referring to another kind of love: one that does not hope for change, but rather views the faults of the loved ones as unimportant in the big scheme of things. These are faults that appear so to others, whilst to the one who loves they are quirks that make their beloved all the more loveable.

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