Bottoms Up for the Warrior God

Mars, curtesy of FlickrAnother month bites the dust. Once upon a time the calendar marked the beginning of the year in March. Well, at least the earliest Roman calendar did. Unsurprising for a people who believed Mars to be Romus and Remulus’ father. If that be the case, they didn’t disappoint their ancestor and god, having subdued a continent under its war-some standard.

We’ve had our fare share of war this spring. I have held back from writing about it. It is too close to home, too painful to render into words. One day perhaps I will, but not yet. For now I will take stock of my blogging portfolio for this month and drink a glass of wine to a god I hope might take more pains with his guardianship of agriculture in the future and leave strife well alone. Moving on.

The Batch Express

In shocking news, Benedict Cumberbatch takes the top three spots in “most viewed” posts this March. It would appear that try as I may, I can’t keep him out of the spotlight. Admittedly, I may have been doing the exact opposite but hey! I hear no complaints. On the other hand, I’m certain that I’ve read an article recently titled “Cumbebatch has to be stopped” yet judging by his current popularity, there is little chance of that. So here they are, the stories that took the Twittosphere and blogosphere by storm (apparently).

Benedict Cumberbatch having a drink at the Roundhouse in London

#1 Which pub does Benedict Cumberbatch drink in? Ah yes. Many a Batch fan has been leafing through my stories trying to figure out where they could “accidentally” bump into their favourite star. Get your belts secured and we’re off on a pub crawl. Now, who volunteered to be the designated driver? Anyone?


2nkul5d#2 Stalking #BenedictCumberbatch The following week, search terms took a sinister turn. If in reading my reply you conclude that I have been a little harsh, and if you would have approached the subject differently, please let me know.

A literary dissection. (Mental note: don’t annoy Vic)” commented Richard. I do love a surgical simile.



#3 Cumberbatch and I | Reconciling the Past was a welcome back gift from Kavalkade in the guise of a parody song. Hair band off and head at the ready to rock on with Seven Mary Three’s Cumbersome Cumberbatch.

“I have become Cumberbuns to this world
I have become Cumberbuns to this girl.”


Photographic Memory

For the next set I would like to thank all fellow blogger-photographers who inspired me to share my amateurish attempts and have been kind in both visits and praise. A big thank you to all who have been generous in reading the stories behind what the lens revealed. For a change, I will not add my own commentary and instead will include a select few comments from those you gifted me. Here are the top four as chosen by you:

Young Bolivian girl by Vic Briggs#4 Portrait of young girl: A beautiful post, incredibly poignant and uplifting. The photo is enchanting…I’m hoping that her broad but tentative smile portends a positive future for this little girl and her compatriots.Lee-Anne.

Beautiful and heartbreaking.sothislife.


Skydiving in Argentina#5 Be Afraid and Do It Anyway Your theory should be applied to travel and to life in general. During an interview I did a month ago I was asked, “What should everyone do at at least once?” I’ve been thinking about it a lot since and if I could answer all over again I’d say that we all need to do something we’re terrified of at least once.fancyfrivolous.


Geisha by Vic Briggs#6 Geiko 芸子 Geisha “I think this photo captures everything about “Geisha Girls”. An ancient culture in today’s world.PricelessJoy.

Very interesting information. I forwarded your post to a friend who will be travelling to Japan later this month.Carol Balawyder.


Full Moon by Vic Briggs#7 Inadequacy

I agree with what you’ve said here; it’s less scary being inadequate than it might be to be extraordinary.Martha Kennedy.


Poetic Denouement 

It is not often that poetry makes it into my top ten in great numbers. Usually it is one at most that will sneak through. I am grateful that so many of you have come along on this journey with me. In no other literary form am I able to pour as much of myself as I do in verse.

72471151d2f1a15a8850287ed0cb66ac#8 The sound of emptiness

There is a place where empty souls find rest

From the relentless dust of days that simmer black… 



girls-holding-hands#9 Of friendship and loss

Buried in the scent of another day past,

We stayed up late into the night…


Drought by Katie Tegtmeyer#10 A wordsmith’s drought

Coagulated rain

On barren skin,

Vindictive in its glare…


So there we are, at another months’ end. Bottoms up for the Warrior God, and while unsure as to the etymological origins of “April”, I am told that it was once the sacred month of Venus so I hope it will be a fruitful and loving one for you all.


17 thoughts on “Bottoms Up for the Warrior God

    • Thank you, Kavalkade and certainly I will attempt to write about it when things have cooled off a little. At present, the situation is so upsetting that I struggle to translate my feelings into words.

      • I am against the invasion personally.

        Abd would have deployed the 82nd airborne had I been President.

        That’s just me though I guess. I did write a blog post about it earlier.

      • I still can’t believe that this has happened. At first I thought nothing would come of it. How naive of me to hope that law would prevail and the international community would find a way to stop such injustice. It all seems too little too late now and I am afraid for what might come next. I fear that this is only the beginning.

      • I know they want access to the Mediterranean desperately.

        And they of course use Iraq as a precedent.

        Yet Obama lacked the will to stop it basically. Sometimes you must deploy force to secure the peace.

        Whether absolutists can fathom that or not.

        I think they will swallow that area up, but I hope not the rest of Ukraine.

      • I don’t want to upset you, but I think being able to talk about it will help you, eventually.

      • Anyone who was born in the USSR knows what Russian rule means, and it is nothing good I assure you. The russification process meant treating local people as second-grade citizens, discrimination was a daily experience. Russia claims that they are concerned about how Russian speakers are treated (Russian speakers that would not exist in the majority of former Soviet states if it hadn’t been for Russia’s settlement plan to ensure that they had “their own people” in these countries and to facilitate the russification process). Russia created the problem, if there is one, and now they use this as an excuse to interfere in other countries’ affairs. They have gone so much further than anyone expected they would dare. I am certain there is no limit to their daring.

      • I know. I am kind of a Cold Warrior, Vic. Was defintely happy when the USSR collapsed.

        And wouldn’t mind the Black Sea fleet rotting further away.

  1. So sorry to hear about your distress, Vic, though not in the least bit surprised under the circumstances. I wish there was more I could say that is useful. Sending a big hug. Love, Light and Blessings, Ali xxx

    • It’s been painful to watch it unfold on the news. There is such a detachment in how things are reported. What is news for the many is a stark reality for those who are caught in the thick of it. Someone very close to me is from the Ukraine and my distress is nothing when compared to hers and the constant worry in which this upheaval has thrown her and her family, living in fear for the safety of loved ones.
      Thank you for your kind words and sending you a warm embrace in return. xxx

  2. I am furious at what happened, too, but Obama cannot do anything more short of all out war. George W. Bush stood back and did nothing when Putin invaded Georgia with far more casualties and troops and it stays invaded, largely. If we want to put boots on the ground in Ukraine, then Obama can move forward. However, as a pacifist, I think wars are only for profit of the military industrial machine and largely kill women and children. The entire international community has to push back hard on Putin in every non-military way possible. That is the only sane avenue open to the world in a nuclear environment, imo.

    • Thank you, Beth. It is a tough situation. I certainly understand the difficulties of the choices to be made and the dangers that acting without forethought may entail. Unfortunately, I think that this is what Russia is banking on. I think the timing is no coincidence, and would be inclined to believe that Putin is acting from selfish motives at least in part, trying to salvage what remains of his popularity by focusing people’s attention outward rather that finding solutions for the dreadful situation in which many Russians find themselves in that country. The middle class may be having a good time of it, but for the majority of the people, poverty and political unfreedom is a daily reality.

  3. I am ashamed to say, but I never heard of Benedict Cumberbatch until now. I suppose he must be a big deal.
    I should probably get out more.

    Oh, and Russia needs to stay the hell outta Ukraine.
    Peace Y’all.

    • No worries, Lance. When I first came across him he was a relative unknown, a little acting treasure shared by the few. Now his fame is of a Gargantuan scale, but perhaps it is a good thing that not everyone has heard of him as yet: it may indicate that his career has not peaked.
      Agreed on Russia, but I dare say they don’t care much what the rest of the world thinks. Sadly.

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