Venetian Waterways

The Sinking City by Vic Briggs

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Venice is on the move and its street life takes a watery turn. The City of Water tilts eastwards, sinking beneath its lifeline. And although it is by a mere 2mm or so every year, the prospect of becoming the new Atlantis is for Venetians a real possibility.

The plethora of nicknames that Venice has amassed over the years may well have to be submitted for amendment. Already the Sinking City may well fit her better than the Floating City, and should it turn into a divers’ paradise, we’ll be referring to a practical necessity rather than theatrical disguise when we call her “the City of Masks”.

Until the operatic endeavours of the gondolieri becomes a memory of erstwhile days, Venice’ 117 islands connected by as many canals and over 400 bridges will remain one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Its exquisite art and architecture already attracts over 50,000 visitors daily. Come to think of it, perhaps that may be part of the problem.

26 thoughts on “Venetian Waterways

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  3. I have been to Venice several times and I find the true beauty far away from the crowds–but as you point out those crowds are hard to avoid. Very few spots “far away” left. Nonetheless, I am determined to get my wife there before it is too late….

    • I would like to go back, but in winter when the crowds are nowhere to be seen. I’ve admired some stunning pictures taken there in winter and couldn’t believe how wonderfully quiet it is at that time of the year. It never gets that cold, so I think I’ll brave and little rain and wind for the privilege of roaming the streets without having to fight my way through the crowds.

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