Crazy in Love


Our youth will pass

And our looks will wither.

We’ll discover that our wisdom 

Was the confidence of fools,

That fame was fickle 

And wealth coundn’t pay for happiness

Or bribe away all sickness.

Hearts will grow weary of passion,

Limbs will ache with dreams of paths un-tread,

And our eyes too often

Will be denied their sleep.

As our autumn distills into winter

We’ll forget to grieve 

For those childish beginnings

When we surrendered, unafraid

And dared to be free,

Crazy in love.


Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy

15 thoughts on “Crazy in Love

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    • Would you believe it, I started writing about happiness… and half way through something broke and my fingers took hold and decided they wanted to go elsewhere. Sometimes those truths break through from the undercurrent and will not stop until they reach the surface.

      • Haha. I find staying on the happiness train doesn’t work too well. I always change tracks!

      • I know that feeling. For the present predicament I blame Bertie (you may have read about him: tricky customer – character of mine). He’s been in a foul mood and stalling my plot for too long. I kept trying to get into his head to figure out what the problem was, but it looks like he did a better job of getting into mine.

  2. wow…I enjoyed reading this…my best lines were “we will discover that our wisdom was the confidence of fools”. real wisdom comes with age and from the experiences learnt from life lessons…years down the line we will laugh at the logic behind some of our choices earlier on

    • That is true, we often look back at our younger selves and can’t quite believe some of the choices we made, and yet I hope we’ll keep hold of our hopeful beginnings. Thank you, topazo.

    • The inspiration for this poem has its source in so many associations that I would struggle to pinpoint each and every one of them. A part came in a dream, a part from something else I was working on, and a part from somewhere that lay hidden even from myself.
      I am glad you found joy in this poem, Susan.

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