Sacred and Profane

Sunset in the Ionian by Vic Briggs

A solitary mast

Stands guard against the rift

Of a decaying star:

The remnant of a daydream

Barred in wakeful mourn.

Anchored in pain

A scream of quiet indigo —

Effaced by nightfall — ripples

Until its wound

Inscribes beneath the sea

The loss of all dreams sacred,

And profane.



Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman

20 thoughts on “Sacred and Profane

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  2. When I read something like this I regret not knowing English language better so I can appreciate this more and know how to express myself better…

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    • Thank you, Lance. The sea is an endless source of inspiration. I am rather determined to return to the Greek myths and reimagine them in verse. Do not fear: there will be no Iliad to contend with, but the ideas have been percolating for a while and your comment helped them to surface. Watch this space.

      • I have loved the Greek myths ever since I was very young (eight or nine, if memory serves).
        Will definitely be watching.

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