Insipid in decay,

A fraud rehashing truths

From others pilfered;

In your macabre play

Deceit takes centre-stage.

And when the venoms ebb

A hoaxer gnawed by doubt,

With terror blistered 

Your benign masque will shed 

And seek redress in rage.


Daily Prompt: Sixteen Tons

19 thoughts on “TrollOped

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    • Thank you, Ali. I don’t know if you revisited the Sorcerer’s post since commenting on it last, but there were a couple of trolling attempts after we got the discussion going. Of course I remember too well your posts on the subject. It would seem that trolls will be trolls and won’t desist from their efforts to derail even when asked nicely to stop. I thought this would be a nice little mirror for them to glimpse their reflection in.
      PS: If this post gets trolled, I’ll know it hit the mark 😉

      • I did, Vic, and was appalled. I think the professorial trolls are, actually, even worse than the smutty and furtive buggers – because the former are intelligent, and have rhetoric at their finger-tips, it is very hard to tell whether they are deliberately trolling or just ornery sods who like nothing better than an argument! xxx

      • I know what you mean, Ali. They focus on derailing conversations and many have gotten rather good at it. On the other hand, people are getting wise to their tricks and – as Gene’O showed – if they are asked to desist and do not, at least they can be barred from the discussion.

      • Yes, Gene is an inspiration on all sorts of levels – and his handling of the Troll – bunging the bugger off the bridge in no uncertain terms (metaphorically) – got three hearty cheers from this end! xxx

      • I will add another cheer to that. Another discussion thread this week, and more in the weeks to follow. Look forward to reading more of your comments.

  2. This was ominous, and now I see it was inspired by trolls. Totally get that, although I missed the discussion above, but I have encountered trolls. So far mine have been all male. Have you met female trolls yet? If not, maybe they won’t breed. 🙂 LOL

    • I can’t say that I have, although some of the trolls appear gender neutral in the anonymous identities they assume so it is difficult to know for sure one way or another. As for multiplication… One does hope that won’t be the case, but who is to say that the breeding methods are typical ones. Hmm.

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