21 thoughts on “Silent music

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  2. That’s a really beautiful poem! ‘Your fingers have found freedom at last’ I really love that line, and your image of that piano player is really quite striking, accompanies your poem so well! 🙂

    • Thank you, Suzy. My poetry is in many ways an attempt to capture an emotion. I often take my inspiration for the technique from painters, especially those who used their brushstrokes to depict light and its changing quality; I try to do the same in verse.

  3. I am running out of superlatives here, Vic and will have to start repeating myself soon 🙂 I hope you are compiling an anthology of your poetry for publication.

    I wasn’t familiar with Haenraets’ painting before this – exquisite!!

    • Like Haenraets, I find impressionism inspiring, even though my medium is verse rather than paint. You are very kind, Lee-Anne and I am certainly grateful that my verse can inspire such a response.
      As for publishing my poetry through more traditional means: I would consider it if my poetry finds a welcome receipt amongst those of the establishment (in England at least very few publishers add new names to their lists, and will usually publish established names as a priority). Perhaps I ought to give magazines a try first and see whether my poetry meets with any success there first.
      Thank you for your support and encouragement. I am happy to write poetry as an end in itself, but it would be wonderful certainly to reach a broader public. Will look into it.

      • I’d definitely pursue this Vic, with a big traditional publisher, as while few people these days read it (let alone hold poetry-reading social events under draping trees!) it’s a niche market and there are people who love it (plus it’s still taught in schools :)) And…the most important thing – yours is good enough for publication, having consistent je ne sais quoi. I’d like to teach it as I know many adolescents would relate to the anguish of raw young love. Your inclusion of gorgeous sensory imagery and other poetic techniques would make it a dream. 🙂
        Have you compiled an anthology – even a virtual one?

      • I’m afraid I haven’t compiled an anthology as yet. To be quite honest I haven’t considered it until you mentioned it. I have been focusing on polishing up my novel ready for submission and writing poetry… I often felt that I was writing it for myself even when sharing.
        Once again, thank you Lee-Anne. I will look into what are the best means available to me in the UK and will certainly keep you informed of any developments.

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    • Tethered to light… I do love that painting. Is that not what all painters try to do? Capture the light? And perhaps we all – unknowingly – attempt the same. Thank you, Lance.

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