Of friendship and loss


Buried in the scent of another day past,

We stayed up late into the night,

Our thoughts drowsy with expectation,

Wriggling around a question mark.

Your lips revolted against the inequity of prose;

Ours was the poetry of youth,

The laughter of hopes untarnished by disappointment and pain

Ours was the courage of an unpunctuated life

Lost on a blank page. 

And as the scaffold fell and worlds came crushing down

That voice lingers still

On skin burnished by the dust of years

So that the sound of our twilight

Reverberates through the fabric of time

And neither land nor sea can hold us long apart,

For you are love.

In the symmetry of a finger tightened on the trigger,

Heart stumbled against air-starved lungs,

A part of me. 


Daily Prompt: Something So Strong


20 thoughts on “Of friendship and loss

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    • Someone told me that friendship is like being in love without the physical attraction. I had to agree. Perhaps not like being in love, but it is certainly love and that is quite something to be nostalgic over. Thank you, Chris.

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  13. Wonderful. This makes me think of my friend whose connection is never lost despite not seeing each other as often as we did in our youth. Those glorious days past of friendship first discovereed and explored. Beautifully evocative words.x

    • How lovely – thank you. Isn’t it wonderful when the connections we forge withstand what life has to throw at them and stay with us, a part of us – perhaps the brightest and most precious of all. I am so glad that my poem made you think of your friend. We are lucky to have such beautiful people in our lives.

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