29 thoughts on “No Signal

  1. Don’t know how appropriate this is–or if–but this made me think of the lyrics: “all the while the world is turning to noise/oh, the more that it’s surrounding us, the more that it destroys/turn up the signal, wipe out the noise.” In any case, if the literal is meant, I hope you return to standard programming as soon as you can; I enjoy your writing and hope that it is cathartic for you.

  2. Earth to Vic, come in Vic.

    Dreampt up a new song parody while in the shower.

    Cumberbuns set to Cumbersome, haha.

    Seems to write itself, I think. Just replace Cumbersome with Cumberbuns!

    I think I will personalize it a bit more when I write it, haha.

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