No Signal

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Shards of Silence is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Your regular programming will resume as soon as the issue is resolved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay.


29 thoughts on “No Signal

  1. Don’t know how appropriate this is–or if–but this made me think of the lyrics: “all the while the world is turning to noise/oh, the more that it’s surrounding us, the more that it destroys/turn up the signal, wipe out the noise.” In any case, if the literal is meant, I hope you return to standard programming as soon as you can; I enjoy your writing and hope that it is cathartic for you.

  2. Earth to Vic, come in Vic.

    Dreampt up a new song parody while in the shower.

    Cumberbuns set to Cumbersome, haha.

    Seems to write itself, I think. Just replace Cumbersome with Cumberbuns!

    I think I will personalize it a bit more when I write it, haha.

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