King Lear


You are a fool, my king, a blind man flattered

To think that yours is love in praise alone.

On honeyed tongues your earthly riches scattered,

Truth banished from your solitary throne


Let madness be your refuge from this fall

Until the stage demands its final toll.

20 thoughts on “King Lear

    • Thank you, Lee-Anne. It is the next play I hope see. Have been postponing the morning queue in hope of fairer whether, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting that any day soon.

      • Oh your poor things, we’re hoping for rain – we need at least two days solid downpour to stop our gardens (and farms) from dying. 😦

        I taught King Lear to Year 12 a few years ago and we saw an ‘alternate’ interpretation, where the sets, costumes etc were Japanese and the soldiers performed martial arts. The kids hated it – they were expecting the pomp and splendour of an Elizabethan production and were disappointed and annoyed.
        It’s interesting…I often find teenagers more conservative than adults (and generally much more judgmental)
        But I must admit, I agreed with them on this one.:)

      • A Japanese-style production of King Lear? I suppose it is a different type of pomp and splendour. I have grown out of my conservative expectations 😉 and yet I am still charmed by productions which follow convention.

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  2. Amazing!! Loved it! Especially the first stanza is written so beautifully. Compliment does not lie in flattery, but instead in sincerity.

    • It is a great play. Perhaps the best tragedy the bard ever wrote. I can’t wait to see it again on stage. Thank you for your comment. Its enthusiasm has certainly infected me as well 🙂

      • I once saw a production of Lear at Shakespeare in the Park in Dallas. The dress was modern military, but they pulled off an excellent Lear. Hamlet, Macbeth, and Lear are all my favorites. I love the Zeffirelli Hamlet; The Polanski Macbeth and of course the aforementioned Olivier Lear. Branagh’s Henry V is up there too.

      • I believe the BFI has some of the older plays in its archives. I wonder whether they will be screening any in the near future. Will have to investigate. Thank you for sharing.

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