11 thoughts on “InHabit

  1. Well you sure are a great photographer so why not submit to natgeo! an open assignment named “I heart My City”! You see good thing about natgeo is anyone can participate 🙂

  2. Haha. Is very nice photo, but I’m trying to figure out where in the bay you are.

    I can’t discern any particular landmarks, hehe.

      • Haha. I was trying to figure out what the lighted building lower left center was and go from there. But it’s not the wharf. Thought it might be overlooking golden gate park, but it’s the wrong angle, and teh bridge should be on left, haha….

      • Ahhhh ok. haha. Was trying to figure out what hill that was… Turns out it’s an airplane wing. And departure from SFO. So that might be part of Burlinggame or South San Francisco.

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