I did not get to say goodbye…

Forgiveness for a broken promise seeks,

Prostrate upon the floor,

A soul in mourning, tearing down the light.


I don’t know how to grieve,

How to forget to run into your arms,

To hold you close, your every trouble steal –

To long for your embrace cannot unlearn.


I have no tears to give.

An empty place had seared through my lungs,

For when I close my eyes I see you still

Perched at the lilac gate, awaiting my return.


I did not get to say goodbye.

The morning dew lay salty on my cheeks…

It was a dream, no more.

Veiled black, I pass my days in wakeful plight.


Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

19 thoughts on “Epitaph

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  2. I feel that you have captured the emotion of loss perfectly here, Vic – how can one grieve for the loss of true love until it has been lost? This is a lesson that many will learn, but none can pass on. Beautifully crafted.

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