For never was a story of more woe…

romeo and juliet

Until the moment when your palm made prayer of my own

And lips then followed suit to cast the sin away

The taste of pure joy to me had been unknown.

To hold that moment always: no price too dear to pay.


Too quick to love, to sorrow turned delight

When you were named: the heir of my foe.

Had I not eyes to keep you from my sight

And to my heart deny this willful woe…


A moment’s weakness and the harm was done. Lament

Will not exchange your lineage for another.

What have I done? For what must I repent

To purge this longing and all feelings smother?


Had I the motion of the stars within my reach

I’d make them turn the flow of time and make it dawn

For yet another chance I would beseech,

Relive the day in flight. From you withdrawn.


If only you were nigh to hear my plea,

Make yours another name, your past deny

And with one word set all my troubles free,

Make me believe the truth to be a lie.



According to Strong’s Greek Dictionary, the number 26 corresponds to Agape, meaning Love – hence Romeo and Juliet.

12 thoughts on “For never was a story of more woe…

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  2. Interestingly one of the first boobs I ever saw was in Romeo & Julie. We were on a field trip in 7th grade, and low and behold there was a bit of nudity in the movie, haha….

    Saw it at the Tower Theatre. LoL.

    • I understand that the latest adaptation took a similar approach to nudity. There may be more than a school trip cancelled on that account. If teachers read reviews that it 🙂

      • Haha…

        Do you know of the Star Wars parody Hardware Wars?

        It has a fully nude woman on screen at the point they are looking at the Death Star plans.

        My fifth grade teacher had not prescreened it and was quite shocked. As were we all…

        Nowadays you’d expect a teacher to lose a job for that.

        I pretty much remember all naked women I saw when I was young, haha.

      • Haha….

        I can just tell you more boob stories.

        When I was 10 and at Pismo we’d body surf the waves.

        And me and my best friend (his dad was my dads best friend growing up) Ricky were out in the waves.

        Some teenage girls were about 20 feet to our left, south of us. And a big wave ripped her top off, haha.

        She just laughed and waved at us. And we stared back, haha.

  3. Forget Shakespeare VikI 🙂 more like where has time gone? I feel old! 😦

    Yeah, Shakespeare comes to mind. We still feign ignorance on the antics and awareness of our children,lol
    Kids will school faculty today, who is kidding who?
    I like this one though,on point and real.

    • Thank you, Dotta. I hope I will never forget how I felt and thought both as a child and as an adolescent. Adults often give too little credit to their progeny when it comes to both depth of thought and feeling.
      As to Romeo and Juliet… It is rather curious how most stories of great loves end up tragically. I wonder whether there is something in our psyche that denies them life or whether we do not trust for passion to endure over too many a year.

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