Aurora Borealis Norway

Here spite has found a home,

In this desert of snow.

Ice moving in,

A constrictor that would not have me breathe.

Watch every shadow tremble

Like the orphaned leaf of an autumn past,

Ready to abandon its keeper

Without a single backward glance.


Such a lonely place you’ve brought me to…

The feel of your blade

Counterweighted against the small of my neck,

Seeking to extort remorse

And punish secrets for their silence.

Empathy cancelled out by a desperation

Absented by sleep alone,

For you have asked me to undo what has been done,

And I cannot.


Daily Prompt: Nice Is as Nice Does

21 thoughts on “unKind

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  2. I am unkind
    To those unkind
    Who would offend
    Me n mine
    Someone has to
    Walk that line
    And I do indeed
    Take that time
    So others a lesson
    Do Find
    As basic politeness
    I do remind…


  3. Love the structure that you have employed in this poem, Vic, I think it works effectively to emphasise the impotence of your position. ‘And punish secrets for their silence’ – great line, wish it were one of mine!

    • You have some beautiful lines in your poetry too, Chris. There was something very jarring and jagged in the pit of my stomach as I wrote this, so I tried to work that feeling into the structure and sound of the poem. I am glad that you sensed it when reading.
      Warm regards,

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