Island Dwellers

An Incan legend has it that after creating the universe, Viracocha emerged from the waters of Lake Titicaca. The bearded god  was so moved by the beauty of the island on which he had come to rest that he created the sun at this place. Henceforth the island that inspired him to set the skies alight was to be known as Isla del Sol – The Island of the Sun.


We walked for hours on the crest of the island, stopping every now and then to rest on stones that nature had improvised into crooked armchairs. In the afternoon, our toes found respite from the trek in a clump of clouds spied frolicking in the lake. When we finally reached Yumani, the fishermen were returning with their daily catch and my companions were quick to offer a helping hand in dragging the boats ashore.

Warmed by the welcome of a people as tranquil and unassuming as the island itself, we built a campfire on the lakeshore. Villagers were quick in coming to our aid and this beautiful youth sacrificed a handmade hairbrush so that we may have sufficient kindling.

With a delicious offering of fish safely tucked away in our bellies and stories of adventures past tailing off into the night, we watched galaxies unfold above: reminders that we are but fleeting moments in their onward journey. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Community 

14 thoughts on “Island Dwellers

    • Thank you, Sean. I hope you enjoyed your stay. It is a peaceful place. I rather liked that I did not see one single motorised vehicle and that the only way to reach the island is by boat. We stayed overnight and our campfire attracted locals and backpackers alike. There is something about fire that brings people together.

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    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Jim. I am certain that many who are on the same journey, find solace in reading your posts. Hope you found strength in visiting your grandmother.
      Warm regards,

  2. My SIL stayed on this island with a local family a couple of years ago. She said it truly was a beautiful place.
    I love the poetic way in which you described your visit Vic. It was a feast for the soul. 🙂

      • I do, certainly. You have your steed so I will venture a guess that you too are a nomad at heart? If I had the chance I’d be on the road again tomorrow. Those places become a part of us, with each year a more intricate pattern weaving its way through.

      • You guessed right. A nomadic way of life is a recipe for experiencing existence the way it was meant. Sometimes we must settle for a bit, but our hearts keep wandering. It’s magical.

      • This reminded me of the first ever politics seminar we had at uni. The tutor asked us to think about our identity and say what we see ourselves as. I remember my answer distinctly: “I am a nomad and a citizen of the world.” Apparently my answer said a lot more than I may have intended.
        And I agree, Erik. It is magical.

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