The Big Apple

iphone pictures Chrysler Building NY


Predictions have never been my strong suit. There are few things in this world we can rely on. Seasons change. Time passes. New Yorkers continue to navigate Manhattan in those signature yellow cabs and the Chrysler Building continues to hold its spire to the clouds, whether I’m there or not.

I love the 1930s – for its fashion, music and cocktails, certainly – but perhaps more so for its architecture. It is not an accident that I should choose this building over all other Art Deco gems in the Big Apple. Originally erected in 1930, this landmark building features unparalleled 360-degree views of Manhattan and the outlying area. It overlooks the East River and Central Park. It peeks over Times Square and Grand Central Terminal. And although it will always keep the on-looker at a distance, from within its bowels you hold the city in your palm.

Daily Prompt: Predictions

19 thoughts on “The Big Apple

    • Thank you, Anne. We met 2013 with great posters of the Chrysler, curtesy of our local DIY shop. I didn’t have time to get a proper poster done so had to improvise – it was a 30s theme 😉

  1. I don’t know about predictions – sometimes I get a sense that something is going to happen and more often than not it does. It’s gotten stronger as I’ve grown older – maybe life experience makes it so.

    I love visiting NYC. Once I was the manager on a bus tour that went to NYC and as the motorcoach began rolling down the street toward home, a taxi driver passed us on the sidewalk.

    • Beautiful memories, Susan. Thank you for sharing. As for predictions, I agree. I think intuition is knowledge which we already hold, but has not yet made conscious. Our minds are powerful things.

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  3. Hey vicy vic! Long time no read.
    Beautiful picture, and I love how you end the post “From within it´s bowels you hold the city in your palm”. You have a great talent with words.

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