love set in stone


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

A walk around the countryside may gift you unexpected treasures. On a sunny afternoon – a rare occurrence in England of late – I came across two oldies so wrapped up in their own world that they didn’t even notice the camera-handling interloper.

Is the book they are reading a gift from their grandchildren, I wonder? I like to imagine that the old man decided to read out loud and, having reached a tight spot in the narrative, stopped to ask for his beloved’s opinion. Or perhaps their daughter is an author and she sent them her first published novel: “Young people these days… Look at what she writes here, dearest!”

The season-appropriate hats and scarfs made me smile. An ingenious addition.

21 thoughts on “love set in stone

    • Haha! Yes it is rather on the chilly side over here. I wonder if we’re in for a long winter. Did you here the news about solar activity being at its lowest point in since the 14th or 15th century? No sun spots and very little ultraviolets I understand. Apparently Nothern Europe may be entering a new mini-ice age.

  1. I had noticed there is little solar flare activity. In December, I’d attended an online seminar on photographing the Northern Lights. It figures that as soon as I do, they go dark. We had a week of respite from the extreme cold, but it’s snowing as I write. Let’s hope your ice age is short lived. Stay warm!

    • Will do, thank you. It is interesting that you should mention the Northern Lights, as one of the side-effects of reduced solar activity may be their temporary (?) disappearance from the skyline.
      I saw them once when I crossed the arctic circle in Finland – breathtaking. It was the best view from a hotel window I’d ever had.

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