You shared your taste of hatred and wanted me to find

Words that would cut the deeper and with your purpose fit,

Devour those who with their filth have tainted minds,

Robbed men of their innocence in their gruesome feat.


You said that to be honest I should spurn correctness,

Accepting no excuses from those who have stepped wrong,

Learn to detect a coward’s lie, sniff out a loathsome traitor

And pound them with the truths evaded for too long.


You saw in me an artist to be schooled in searching out offence,

To train my eye so that no foe could punishment elude,

My tongue to be the jury and the judge, and falsehood sense

Even before it’s uttered by those you would have sued.


You warned of wolves that mastered their tricks,

Slipped past and lay in wait to silence their prey.

When caught red-handed show them as much mercy

As they had for the nameless victims, this you say.


I listened to your story, for your pain I grieved, yet can’t agree…

Cannot abide such hatred. Its poison is not mine to hold or give.

For should I do as you have asked of me, I too would be like them:

A monster  – bereft of human warmth, unable to repent or to forgive. 


Daily Prompt: But No Cigar

14 thoughts on “Revenge

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    • Thank you, Brenda. It was a close call 😉 On a serious note, I had been writing on rather difficult subjects of late, and felt increasingly a darkness creeping in. It reminded me of my favourite quote and made me mindful that when you stare into the abyss, it also stares into you. However tough the going might get, I hope I will never let go of that warmth that drives us to be better versions of ourselves.

  2. Viciously written. Perfection as always, Vic!
    I love how you write various genres in your poetry very expressively and widely.
    Do these inspirations come from daily personal experiences or are you just that good? 😀
    Keep it up!

    xx love

    • Thank you, love o’clock. I was on a few acting courses in the past and they were invaluable in teaching how to connect to a character. To write truthfully, you have to find a point of empathy with the point of view expressed, even if the experience is not entirely your own.

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