Are You a Feminist?


I came across this feminist self-assessment link, it made me smile so I decided to share it with you.Β It contains swearing – you’ve been warned. However, it only takes a minute and you will have your answer one way or another. Click Here to find out.



41 thoughts on “Are You a Feminist?

    • LOL – Perhaps so πŸ˜‰ It is not so much a survey as it is a question and a choice between two answers. The most straightforward “test” I’ve ever come across.

  1. Like everything, the definition of the words dictate a large part of how it is going to be responded to. I answered no, that women are not equal to men. They are better nurturers and way better mothers than men. So according to the test results, I am not a fucking feminist. Oh well, I feel bad, like I think they want me too!!!

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