The absence of light



Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

I read once a story of a land that through an accident of fate got caught in a time warp and lost its sun. Trapped in an endless night, between sunset and sunrise, it soon grew to be a harsh, unwelcoming place where visitors did not linger if ever unfortunate enough to come across it. Some time has past since and I do not recall whether the hero of the story had ever managed to undo the night.

This afternoon as I watched the sunset, the warmth of the day bleeding tangerine onto the distant hills, I was reminded of that tale and the claustrophobic feeling that took over as the narrative unraveled. It got me thinking…

What would we be in the absence of light?

10 thoughts on “The absence of light

  1. That’s beautiful, Vic, both the photo and your thoughts. Light, both as brightness and as a symbol of so much more, is so important. xxx

    • Thank you, Alienora. I have to admit that I felt somewhat humbled by the sight. No matter how many sunsets I stand witness too, they never fail to both impress and inspire. There is indeed so much symbolism attached to the sun – a source of light and life – I am eager to explore more of it in the future. xx

  2. Light or Light? Either way, surely dead, be it literally or emotionally. This, by the way, is not an allusion to faith or religion; rather the light we give to others and, if we are fortunate, receive ourselves. Nice shot, and thoughtful words.

    • I am touched. Thank you. Although I have to admit that most of the work when it comes to this image was done by nature. I was only lucky enough to be at the right time in the right place.

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