Window Window

Today’s treasure: I’ve been cooped up in the house for far too long. Taking a picture for this week’s photo challenge made me feel like a maiden trapped in a tower awaiting her knight in shining armour. Now, we all know that’s not going to happen any time soon, so… I decided to go out for a walk instead. Two hours later I finally discovered this: a window. Although, after taking the pic I began to wonder whether it counts as a widow or perhaps… is it more of a transparent wall?

21 thoughts on “Window Window

    • A very interesting way to decide, but I am quite sure that it had to be insulated well, otherwise it would have gone against building regulations – the UK are quite strict on those.

      • Yes… Do you know how many homes I have inspected for property claims that were knowingly not built to code, have unpermitted add-ons etc? LoL.

        I’m sure that house is quite well built though. I assume at least double paned if not triple. But still not as effecient as a wall, haha. Their heating bill must be a bit high, even relatively.

        We are supposedly quite strict as well. As strict as can be with a country of rebels about. 😉


        Who was the little actress in Austin Powers? at the table, when he says $1 million dollars and they all laugh?

        Something like her for Ratta maybe, haha.

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