If I were not a mere mortal. Had centuries belonged to me alone unsighted,

Trapped by eternity I’d rage at Time to let my final rest descend.

To watch millenniums crushing worlds and stand aside, affrighted –

For this should I desire to move forward on my own, a witness to the end?


To always be afraid that if I love mine will be loss again, impounded by this grief.

Enduring illness to descend in deathly swarms like locusts from the skies

Upon all living souls but mine. To see them turn to dust. Have no relief.

To watch as ember rusts away the light of every star – all truths proved to be lies.


Forever the observer. Not mine this world. The threshold to a life to me denied.

Alone to breathe this incandescent fate. Turn numb, uncaring to despair’s face.

How else endure time’s relentless pull when all is gone and pain alone survived?

Will not fast forward. Let the future be. Breathe. Live and keep my earthly pace. 


Daily Prompt: Fast Forward

27 thoughts on “Apocalypse

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  2. Awesome! (pic and poem) By the way Vic, I am new to Bloggerland and am discovering that, while there.are many prolific bloggers, few if any, do it with your panache – both style and substance. (and I’m not give to idle flattery!) 🙂

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  7. The Observers Are
    Part of the Whole
    Systems don’t function
    Unobserved, Alone
    Parts Break, Misbehave
    And Require Someone
    To Set Them to Straight….

    I am of course a Watcher. Trained to it by my dad, and observant. If I was not I would not be any good at my job. Society does not function without insurance, and tell me what you can do that you cannot buy a policy and insure?

    I guarantee you that the list of “insurable” is far, far greater than “uninsurable”. And for “uninsurable”, there’s still Lloyd’s of London in many cases. Haha.


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  11. This is a powerful poem – almost a commentary on the agony of immortality. It’s scary enough how we become desensitised to tragedy by age without the prospect of seeing out millennia. If there were immortal beings looking down on us would they, after all this time, empathise with our plight?

    • A very good question and one to which I have no reply. I struggle to watch the news because all I can see is the human plight augmented a hundred fold day in, day out and it is difficult to watch it unfold, all the while knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it. To see this endlessly would be unbearable… to me at least.

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