You say “Style” and I think…



A time when the parties were bigger,

Shows broader and buildings were higher;

The morals were looser, the pace so much faster

And liquor a damn lot much cheaper.

Joie de vivre turned into an art, 

Roaring age of smart motorcars;

Bathing parties and gossip, thrilling hunts, headline stunts

And a devil-may-care avant-garde.

A time of the decadent young,

Jazz, cocktails, nightclubs and flappers;

Shorter hair and skirts, debutantes, fancy dress, 

Charleston shakes till the fat lady sung.

17 thoughts on “You say “Style” and I think…

    • I’ve done it quite a few times in the last few years. Rather like the style. Hey! That’s an idea: can you get me, 007 and 6645 at a Casino for a 20s night out? Would be lovely to see #Krew join us too 😉

      • LoL. Already looked at some costumes.

        Wasn’t sure on setting. Perhaps London in that casino that was cheating. I can’t recall name.

        Or was it that they refused a very famous gamblers winnings. I can’t recall the exact story.

        Should be illegal. To tell one of the worlds best after they let him risk his own that he can’t have his prize. If that’s what happened. I doubt he was cheating at all. That would be devastating to his career to have that proven.

        Ahh found it. World Class poker player took em, they won’t pay. Should be out of business.

      • Had no idea about this! Should make for an interesting read.
        Perhaps you could use one of the movie stills from Casino Royale, since 007 will already be in them, and add us around the table – or the bar 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find the best way to do it. You always do.

      • Yeah, I’ve looked at them. But I only have straight head shots except for Stevie… And it’s hard to make it look natural in side views. haha.

      • Yes, I often leave out necks cause I think it’s hilarious. And make heads obnoxiously large.

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  2. This makes me think of my grandmother’s word for lady’s stockings. “Silkies.” And they were, too! Of course grandpa ended up in prison for manslaughter, but there was never a charge or an arrest on account of the bathtub gin.

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