Skinny Dipping

iphone pictures 2018

It was the decision of a moment. I did not stop to think of it, to question whether it was sensible. Buttons undone. Ready to jump in. Within seconds my body was clothed by the warmth of the sea alone. Childlike in my freedom. Regaling in the naughtiness of it all: midday, beyond the pale. A first.

To be repeated. That was the promise that I made myself that day.

18 thoughts on “Skinny Dipping

  1. So it just didn’t creep up on you , this reckless abandon and all,lol
    I love it! Growing up in my village, we did skinny dip a lot..that is until puberty hit and boobs sprouted.

  2. Must of felt so free and liberating. I personally have never gotten the chance but I’m sure I wouldn’t want to pass it. Although I may be worried about running into and knocking away fishies as I float around lol 😀

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