I knew not passion. Craved no worldly mirth.

My steps in cadence with the sounds of the earth,

Intemperate soul that clung to heavens through

Unyielding bites and clawed its way to regions new.


Yes. Fates foretold in murmurs of a rune

That mine will be the silk-tied spectre of a moon

Forever lonesome and without brace,

Its brightness dimmed by cloudless skies apace.


Yet I will fall asleep and dream once more

The softness of your touch, submitting to no law

As blue-bells made an icon of your trace,

Imprinting on my wrists the scent of your embrace.


Your voice was neither that of nightingale, nor lark.

Another journey’s end it whispers… what I lack

It gives aplenty in melodious truth

And this: a promise kept my nights will soothe.


18 thoughts on “Ecstasy

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  2. The image so alluring, and the poem was outstanding! I am glad I stopped by, The beauty in each word reveals itself to be much beautiful thank the image. What is inside of you that spills to paper is much more priceless…your original and genuine heart and spirit!

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