It would appear that television and I are having a mild disagreement at present. I had abandoned the screen for quite a while last year. It bores me. That is not to say that good programming is inexistent, but it is a rarity. Plus. One has to be in the mood.

There was one particular show, however, that I hoped might resolve matters and make me fall in love with that dream-peddling box once again. Sherlock.


You will not believe how much will power it took not to write about it after viewing The Empty Hearse. It drained me of the little energy that the holidays had left behind.

Why did I say nothing on the 1st of January? Because I have been told to keep quiet unless I have something nice to say. So… I have been trying to think of something nice to say. All that kept cropping into my mind were John’s words on discovering that Sherlock was still alive: F*** off, Sherlock.

It was too itsy-bitsy, too disjointed, too… everything other than what I had come to expect of Sherlock. I watched Cumberbatch on the wide screen, asking myself: Who are you and what have you done to Sherlock? Can’t anyone see that this is an impostor? Seriously. Sherlock would not do that. Would not say that. His behaviour – while not entirely predictable – would continue to be that of a sociopath, surely. What was he up to in those last two years? Went to clown school in deepest darkest Siberia, did he?

I thought I’d give it some time to sink in. There were many a witty scene after all. I had no squabble with the detail as much as I did with the overall effect, which left me with the distinct impression that the writers were conversing with the fandom (look out for all those fun inside jokes) instead of getting on with the job of bringing back to life not just the character, but another segment of Arthur Conan Doyle’s work.

Yes. Of course the relationship between John and Sherlock matters. But what matters far more is their work. There was always a balance struck in the past, which was sadly off third time around.

So I waited… I waited for today and the second episode in the series. Better by far, but it could not erase that bitter taste left by the first. I am underwhelmed and don’t quite know what to do with myself.

It’s as if an old friend came back after a long absence, invited himself over for dinner and after several attempts to reconnect somehow, I finally realise that it’s all too late. Our paths have irremediably split. We have nothing to talk about. Too much has happened in the interim so we just make small talk about redecorating the living-room, wondering… is it too soon to cut our losses short and call it a day?

I blame the hype as well as the extended wait. Two years is a long time for a build up. Perhaps I expected too much and was bound to be disappointed.

37 thoughts on “#Disappointed

  1. I haven’t seen Sherlock with Cumberbatch and won’t bother, now. Like you, I find it irritating when directors and screen writers distort the original writers’ characters and presume too much…take excessive licence.

    Have you seen any of the French series, such as Engrenage (English title – ‘Spiral’ – 4 seasons) or Braquo? (2 seasons) Superb productions, if you like crime – nothing grates. 🙂

    • I have to say that series one and two are certainly worth watching if you haven’t already. Each episode is a modern adaptation of the original with a twist.
      I’m disappointed precisely because what came before was exceptional and I hoped that it would continue to be so. Alas.
      Thank you for the suggestion, Lee-Ann. Will take a look.

  2. I am as disappointed as you are right now. I haven’t started watching the latest season of Sherlock but I expected it to be a wonderful one. But I am not in a mood to watch TV these days so I guess I can live with that 🙂 Nice post Vic xx

    • Thank you for the reblog and comment, Shannon. I look forward to the last episode in the series, although I am somewhat apprehensive after what we’ve had so far. I really do hope that the reviews will make writers think twice about this new line for the series and perhaps it may persuade them to return to good old-fashioned sleuthing – with a modern twist, of course 🙂
      PS: I’ve been keeping up with Elementary too. Jonny Lee Miller is a very different type of Sherlock. I like his style.

      • I don’t think it will live up to to The Reichenbach Fall, but hopefully it’ll still be a better watch than the previous two episodes, though the humour’s been good so far. Let’s hope so! Hopefully they’ll take any criticism on board.

        Definitely a more subtle, human Sherlock than Cumberbatch’s, and mesmerizing to watch. Though I love both performances, of course.

  3. i haven’t seen the first episode from the 3rd season yet. i have heard mixed reviews. many of them by ppl who’s opinion means little to me, and the one who’s matters was pretty much aligned w yours. i am still going to watch the show, though.
    have you seen call the midwife? i really like that show also.
    there was one show that hurt me so bad-black books! the first 2 seasons were so side splitting funny and raw that i would laugh so hard i cried, then it became too clean, too produced and while still funny-it was missing that edge.

    • Let me know what you though of it once you’ve watched it. There are still a few gems to be found and the second episode was much better than the first. It had a smoother run-through.
      A friend who hasn’t seen the first two series had last night’s episode as their first ever Sherlock and loved it, so perhaps it is the discrepancy that irked me most… We’ll see.

      • will do! and that is exactly what my friend said. she made mention that it was similar to much of the sherlock fanfiction and for the fact that we love sherlock as he was, we of course have a mindset that he is to be THIS WAY. she also said the writing changed. it’s still pretty much better than anything coming down the pipes in the us though.

      • Certainly. I watch Elementary because I like Jonny Lee Miller’s acting, but it lacks that “something” BBC’s Sherlock has. I completely agree with your friend regarding the change in writing. I certainly had a feeling that I was in fan-fiction realm when watching it.

      • The second one is better: more crime-oriented than the first.
        Regarding the first episode, The Empty Hearse, I thought that they missed a trick by not dramatizing how Sherlock managed to destroy Moriarty’s work in those past two years.
        I think that would’ve made for an interesting story-line if they chose to “show” rather than “tell” us why Sherlock had to stay away and why he did not find a way of telling Watson that he was alive.
        More crime and drama and fewer comedic shenanigans would’ve made me one happy viewer 🙂

      • finally watched both the 1st and 2nd episodes. those of us outside of the uk are blocked from watching it on bbc!
        the first episode, while having some extremely funny moments, was mostly eye-candy! 1.sherlock acted like john was just some other fellow when he was talking to his brother 2. he made fun of mrs. hudson..really??? sherlock threw an american agent out of a window after beating him half to death for touching her, and when mycroft told her to “shut up” sherlock and john both became completely unglued!! 3. the motorcycle scene was so ridiculous i can’t even describe the stupidity! sherlock would never have waited for mary, much less gotten on a motorcycle and gone on a wild goose chase with a strange woman holding onto him. it was very spy movie/james bondish, and very much unsherlockish! there were a few other things that did not make sense to me, and i had the overall feeling that there were too many hands in the kitchen reflecting the fanfiction and not the books nor what we have come to expect from this show. it seemed very hollow and over-using the really cool things about the show like his mind palace and the visual writing of sherlock’s clues, there is a point where there is too much. it lacked the edge, the rawness. but even with all that, it is still better than most shows bouncing around out there!
        the second episode was much much better, but still not up to the same standard as the 1st and 2nd seasons, i did enjoy it. his utter lack of understand how to behave in social situations and his inability to recognize what john felt was awesome! it didn’t leave me kicking unconsciously feeling like i needed to beat up the bad guys along w sherlock, i was not completely submerged into the show like i have been in the past, but i am happy i watched it.
        sherlock is still one of my favorite shows, and my opinion about the abilities of benedict cumberbatch and martin freeman as wonderful actors is unscathed. i will be watching the third episode tonight!

      • Very glad you enjoyed it. I’ve watched the third episode and giving myself some time to reflect before writing a post on it. Thank you for sharing your views – much appreciated. I agree entirely regarding Martin and Benedict, although I feel they’ve had a hard task of carrying the show this third round.

      • i wholeheartedly agree w you! i think that the way they have been able to hold onto the integrity of their characters despite the weirdness’s is a great testament to their acting! plus they have both been submerged in some other huge roles during the hiatus between season 2 and this one. i bet they need a nap!

      • well i would need a nap! i have to take a nap everyday like a 87 year old man! if i don’t i get grumpy and fall asleep sitting up watching tv or reading! lol!

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