The Shaman

mongolian shaman

Last night I stood before the canvas of a screen

And watched the record of a memory unfold

Under the guidance of a Tengri shaman’s dream.

Wild spirits intermingled in a strange embrace

And thrust themselves onto the straggled earth

To banish forth the menace of that place.

Their voices soared in worship. The eternal blue

Lost in the crown of a lighting cloud

Dispersed its bounty to the lucky few.

“Our secret is not yours to tell. Keep silent

And when the morning breaks you will be safe.

Go to, my child. Go to. Awaits your island.”

The quiet magic of a world forgot

Was mine for moments only, soon begone

And I’m returned once more to my own lot.


10 thoughts on “The Shaman

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  2. The Mindful Gaze
    Of Shamans Eye
    Searches Out
    Into Night Sky
    There Are Those
    Who Fear to Fly
    And He Can Only
    Wonder Why

    Yoda, “Do or Do Not, There is No Try”

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