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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Taken through the window of an airplane, this is a photo of darkness receding into light as the landscape collapses into the sea, but what struck me most about this image as I was about to capture it was the play of light on the horizon: an almost a rainbow.

23 thoughts on “Inception

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  5. Shew – now I have not been on many flights – but the most incredible thing I ever saw was something a little like this– how the light literally separates from the dark, Unbelievable. Great shot vic. I tried taking a shot on my phone – and well – it did not quite capture the effect.

  6. Long time no read! or in this case no see. I see a beautiful photo, very beautiful.

    I will admit that I didn´t notice the rainbow until I started reading what you wrote about the photograph.

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  10. Wow, what a beautiful and amazing thing to capture! Better than anything I’ve ever seen out of a plane window, lol. Although, I have to say that the mosaic patterns and colors of Phoenix, Arizona from the sky is something to see at least once in your lifetime!

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