imagesWQDAD88NIn a few hours’ time I’ll be saying goodbye to the sun-baked shores of California. I discover something new to love about this place every time I visit. Whale-watching in San Diego with a friend I have not seen in over a decade was certainly a highlight. Lazing by the pool in Palm Springs under a dazzling December sun was another.

When I first realised that the drive Northwards would take nine hours I was horrified, and yet the rugged beauty of El Camino, swiftly followed by the wavy California 1 highway had contracted time into a mere matter of moments. I could have sworn that we had been driving for no longer than a half hour when we finally disembarked in Carmel for a cinnamon bun and a much needed taste of apple cider.

Then there was Tahoe… It little mattered that there was hardly enough snow on the slopes, watching a whisper of cloud descend upon the lake every morning more than made up for any lack elsewhere.

And of course, it was all the better because I had loved ones to share it with.

I am not fond of goodbyes.

23 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. Very few people are fond of goodbyes.

    The pain of the goodbye is a reflection of the importance and value of the connection, though. Sounds like that’s been wonderful. And I LOVE that area of the USA, and vividly remember driving Highway 1 by myself, many years ago.

    Also, Vic, remember: this goodbye brings you closer to an much anticipated hello, with the return of a certain TV series with a certain actor whose initials are BC. (Yes, I am trying to cheer you up.)

  2. You drove up Highway 1 clear to Carmel from San Diego? Man that’s a monster drive. Haha…. Never done it in one go… But been on 1 from TJ to Seattle or so.

    For the state of California and/or Nevada it’s been a pleasure! I’m certain you enjoyed your stay, even with little snow.

    I assured smooth sailing for you with #Krew connections! 😉 And approve your for ViP customs departure!

    Cheerio and toodleoo.

  3. Cumberbuns on the tube
    It’s Elementary for that cool dude
    He’s a detective oh so cool
    Suave under pressure
    And probably gay…

    Oops, that didn’t come out right….

    Cumberbuns on the tube
    It’s Elementary for that cool dude
    He’s a detective oh so cool
    Suave under pressure
    & English to boot
    When Moriarty tried to escape
    He could not escape his certain Fate
    Cumberbuns solved by half past 8
    Leaving Time for tea
    And he’s still gay…

    Sorry, I tried… 😉

  4. And now our sunny California coast is even better having had you grace it’s shores and mountain ranges. I am glad you enjoyed your stay. We will miss you. I am so glad I know where you can be found here on WP. Be well Vic.

    • Almost gone… Time flies. However much I try to slow it down, it would not listen 🙂 It’s been a beautiful stay. You are lucky to have this place to call your home. Thank you.

      • Yeah, well I can visit beautiful from Fresno, haha…

        If they didn’t irrigate here it’s practically desert. LoL.

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