Featuring Vic Briggs: (Winner of nine consecutive awards!)

It is a very strange experience, reading public reviews of your work.


We get a glimpse of the outsider’s perspective through comments and feedback of course, but those snippets are much easier to digest than a full length piece that attempts to give an overview of your portfolio as a writer and blogger.


I am touched by the warmth with which Spartacus2030 recommended my blog and the care with which he selected the articles to showcase in his piece. I was unaware that I had won nine consecutive awards until I read about it on his blog. Nor did I believe myself unusual in tackling topics such as racism for example.


Yet I can’t help but feel that my prowess as a writer is still in its incipient stage. Like Spartacus and so many others, I am still learning. It will be a long journey before I will feel deserving of such praise.


With many thanks and warm regards,

10 thoughts on “Featuring Vic Briggs: (Winner of nine consecutive awards!)

    • Thank you, Alienora – several of those are due especially to you and the great amount of support and encouragement you’ve given me since I started blogging. So thank you. I’m sending you lots of love and warm embraces for the holidays. Hope with each day strength is returning to you xxx

  1. I would apply the economic law of decreasing marginal utility to the question. You are already an excellent writer, but additional incremental improvement will require larger amounts of effort.

    Well done.

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