3-03-gridlock-killcolor-4New Earth. I craved your wonders and instead

All that I found were endless fumigated queues,

Street traders selling moods:

Over the counter feelings for the living dead.


Kidnapped. At gunpoint. For a six year drive.

Mincemeat. Chased down by feral beasts.

Call this a fast lane?  Three will be four

When our destination reached! If still alive…


Cut out the light! In darkness our safety lies

Until he comes. Can’s breathe. Grip onto life…

I do not know, but feel his presence near.

He’ll make it. Yes… Today nobody dies.



13 thoughts on “Gridlock

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  2. Well, I certainly realize that driving through the Central Valley up I5 to reach Tahoe can seem endless…. But it wasn’t really 6 years Vic….You can stop at Kettlemen City, and just northwest of Los Banos is Pea Soup Andersons.

    Try the Pea Soup…

    If you go back that way anyway… But I imagine you will fly out of SFO to go home? 😉

      • Umm, make sure you check with a doc before you fly…

        But you know that…

        Hate to think of you trapped in a plane in agony.

      • We can always have customs refuse to clear you for departure. Where do you depart from? haha.

      • lol That would be something. I have a full house of people waiting for me when I get back. Don’t think I can afford to stay behind, otherwise I would consider it.

      • Well ok. Eva flew home with a cold and you might wish to ask her about that wonderful agony, hehe.

        She visited Nepal from Australia a couple months ago.

        Not a fun flight…

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