The Confrontation of Guilt


A Master — spontaneous affirmation of the self. Confess

My goodness is amoral. It’s nobility and truth.

I’m one who is, defined by reference to no one else.

In their guilt, these slavish others their liberty forsooth

Have to resentment turned.

Thus weakness is declared a prerequisite of goodness.

Unable to be strong, their call to frailty obey.

They separate the doer from their deed: loathsome crudeness

To make the birds of pray guilty of being birds of pray

In stealth, atonement spurned.


8 thoughts on “The Confrontation of Guilt

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  2. Pretty much exactly how I feel.

    And it’s why I happily fail to turn the other cheek when confronted by trolls, assholes, etc.

    And why I always will defend friends when asked.

    I feel no responsibility to be meek while others attack myself or friends.

    If anyone believes they are truly a pacifist I would welcome the chance to put them in Russia in ’41 and see what they do.

    Those that say they would stay peaceful and encourage orthers to holdt o peace are scared out of their minds or liars… Everyone has limits.

    I’m also not an absolutist, haha.


    • I’m afraid I don’t, although I do my best to find artwork that is in symbolic resonance with what I write. If you click on images you’ll be able to see the name of the artist (I always include it if I am able to discover it online). Happy holiday season. 🙂

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