On the eve…

On the eveI swerved into the bend of the road and stopped. Completely lost, trapped by a curtain of snow. Four pm and already the scenery was immersed in gloom. It was a guessing game where the road stopped and the fields began. How was I supposed to find the village Emily had anchored in?

I must have taken a wrong exit at some point, but when? The flat light made it impossible to keep my bearings even on busy roads, leave apart in the countryside. Suddenly, surprising my friend with an impromptu Christmas visit no longer seemed like such a good idea.

“Driver takes last breath in the middle of idyllic scenery” was one headline that did not feature in my plans, at least not yet. Certainly not the ‘till death do us part’ I  envisaged when he proposed last summer.

I had to slow down, my vision impaired by a rush of tears. Breathe. Argh! I promised myself to be good about this. Happier thoughts… Think happier thoughts.

George staring in dismay at his shredded suits – George getting a nasty surprise from gelled underwear – George coughing his lungs out after taking a swig from any of the chilli powdered drinks in the fridge – George jumping around the house with bleeding toes after trying to get into his stupid, brilliantly-trapped-by-me shoes – George cheating on me. Merry Christmas to me.

19 thoughts on “On the eve…

    • Thank you 🙂 Hope this is a wonderful holiday season for you. We all have out ups and down, but the good thing about being here is that we can share the good and the bad, and it all seems so much better at the end of the day.
      Warm regards,

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