I knew no other dream than of the sea

For long alone, my only mistress — she.

I craved adventure, voyages, exploits

And loathed both gilded cage and homely quoits.

Day after day my gaze fixed to the sail,

So sure in escaping not to fail…

The wonders of the world were mine to share,

Its mysteries: my own concealed affair.


22 thoughts on “Adrift

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    • I often feel at sea, but that is not to say that I would rather be anywhere else. Thank you, Chris. Hope your holidays are filled with love and laughter.
      Warm regards,

  2. V, I like all of it. Very well done. The opener, the diction. What do you think of “upon” after fixed instead of the to? Either way, thumbs-up. I don’t mean to pull you into my site, but I’m gathering data for Tech Support. I don’t think my latest piano post went out on my followers’ Reader. If you follow me via Reader, would you let me know? Thanks, and have a wonderful holiday.


    • I’m a little late in reading and responding to comments, Diana. Sorry. Starting from the top and going backwards – holiday rush – hopefully will be able to figure out what to disregards. Hope you are well and having a lovely holiday season xx

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