It hurt to watch your longing vanish.

Trust splintered. Vanquished. Torn apart.

My only comfort crushed in anguish,

Unspeaking raged this broken heart.


I can’t forgive. Is this to be my fate?

Punishing. Gaoled. Cruel in demise.

Unable to endure disloyalty, wait

For time to wipe away this web of lies.


 My everydayness all its shimmer lost.

Resentment simmers. Fury’s gale

Cuts to the bone as if in wintery frost

It writ this story of betrayal.


12 thoughts on “Betrayal

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    • Thank you, Irene. All experiences and emotions cumulate over time. For me writing, whether prose or poetry, provides a release. It is also a jigsaw: the pieces may not always fit together to start with, but I always mine for new ways to bring them together.

  2. If you are never betrayed then the learning process becomes harder for you. Glad to see there is some dirt under the nails. I’m looking forward to reading your novel when it’s published.

  3. Vic, do you create all the art you attach to your poetry ? They really bring out the essence of the poem. This poem is fantastic. It brought back some less than great memories. And that’s what good writing does. I really enjoy reading your poetry. 🙂

    • Thank you, J. I get that question a lot. Some photography is mine, but most images I search for on-line until I find the one that complements what I’ve written best. I include the name of the author whenever I can find it (you should be able to check by clicking on the image 🙂

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