Broken Time


For a few seconds she relived the chasm before an idea was able to solidify, take shape. Time stood still, refracted in a moment of weightlessness. The wheel turned, speeding backward faster and faster one sequence after another.

Winter retreated into autumn. Snow melted into rain. The river bolstered its darkened waves. A curtain of sand, floating upwards, drapes of luminous particles.

One moment, only one moment awaited in that deserted landscape. A moment of abandon, she — at one with the world that brought her into being.

Let go now and everything comes to an end.

A point of pressure recovered just in time and she swerved to a stop at the bottom of the slope. Lungs starved of air. Invaded. Then clouds of wispy steam escaped her nostrils. It felt like breathing ice.

The steep warp of the mountain stooped behind her. She didn’t dare look back.


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28 thoughts on “Broken Time

  1. LoL. Check out last nights #VB009… I used your pic of the skiier… You seem to have successfully navigated the mountain to chase us to Reno. Haha… But I don’t really wanna go to Elko, NV, so will head back west I think.

    And Stevie has a golf game wtih Bill Murray waiting at Pebble Beach…

    This band is one of my tweeps. @guardiansofdustGuardians of Dust, an English band with leadsinger @danmooremusic Met them on Twitter when they followed me. I play them on #radiofreefresno on my random schedule, haha.

  2. Did somebody hit a patch of black ice on the road, or is this all just a genius of the creative imagination? lol. Either way it is a great piece full of imagery and tension.

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