You’ll never know. It’s done. The secret mine.

And how I rage subdued by this obsession!

Unloved, for your denied affection pine,

Having delayed too long this shamed confession.


You’ll never know. Your gratitude would pain.

I’d rather mine was silence. Will be wise,

So from another visit will refrain

And crush this sickness out of passion’s guise.


You’ll never know. I will endure this madness,

This overwhelming need to have you nigh.

Yours will be bliss. Mine only endless sadness…

The gift of life: my surrogate goodbye.




9 thoughts on “Undisclosed

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  4. This, I feel, is almost like a stream of consciousness – each phase disparate yet connected. What comes across is a really powerful expression of frustration and denial. Love the accompianing image too.

    • Thank you, Chris. The image is by an artist I have recently discovered. Daniel Danger – although I’m not sure whether that is his real name or an assumed one. His paintings and sketches are both dark and luminous, and to me they seem to always capture a feeling of foreboding.

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