Shards of Sanity


She stood alone at the top of the mountain, surrounded by a sea of bleached snow. Strings of evergreens lined the periphery of her sight, burrowing deep into the horizon. Falling, always falling, an incessant curtain of white.

The boundaries of direct-less space canvassed her sensory experience. Her mind was clear, empty of fear and hope, moving in stillness, at one with the icy precipitous vastness. At once she pushed forth, her body entrusted to the pull of gravity.

Downward. Sliding. Faster and faster. A solitary sail against the wind. One thought, her only point of reference ahead: nothing matters. She accelerated.ย Ten miles, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, fifty-three, fifty-six miles per hour. Her body — a disintegrating flash of light.

When you plummet disoriented into the abyssโ€ฆ are you floating?


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14 thoughts on “Shards of Sanity

  1. Not while your heart’s pounding and the adrenalin rush! I’d say more like ‘catapulting’… Short and riveting. Perfect for this time of year. What with everyone in a rush? And here I’m making big, long,posts… Block-head that I am… Another great one Vic!

      • I see that they’re here through my stats. They don’t hand out very many likes or comments, the two things that most bloggers like best! Is it me they dislike?

        Oh well… Friends like you are worth more than all the likes on planet Zaytar! (a larger than Earth, rock-like body, in a system far far away.) Thanks just for being my friend Vic! I appreciate that most of all! Best wishes to you and yours!

      • I remember someone advising once that in order to foster discussion a balance has to be struck between closed and open statements in posts. I am still trying to figure it out myself. Will let you know if I figure it out ๐Ÿ™‚
        Thank you, Spartacus and hope that you are taking a little time to relax and enjoy the end of the year too.

      • Hi Vic; I’ve just received an: ‘Award of The Year 2013’ award. According to the instructions I’m allowed to give this award out too. So I thought of you. To do so, I will be featuring your site only, on my blog. So don’t be surprised if you find me climbing all over your blog. I thought it would be a challenge to just do one person this time. You will find your Award and instructions here:

      • This way, I think we’ll become closer friends too. At least I’ll know more about you :O)

  2. Agent 009 made it safely down the Mambo S (I think that was the trail name, haha) at Heavenly in one piece and now might be enjoying a martini. Shaken not stirred, of course… By a roaring fire…

      • LoL. On 1/1/90 I got married in Tahoe at Love’s Chapel. I can’t remember which shore it’s on now actually. LoL.

        Now divorced, but Tahoe is a lot of fun. Been up there many times. Snowed in for an extra day or 2 a couple times.

        Been snowed into Reno more than a few times as well, lol. Donner pass closes down occasionally.

        And as a kid to young adult we’d go to Idaho through there every Christmas vacation.

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