Taste this: my vengeance. In your fright

Call me infernal goddess if you must.

Pursued to persecute by right

False oath: your downfall in broken trust.


A lying tongue to crimson turned,

Avenged, slain by the swiftness of my blade:

A furies’ torment. Penance burnt

Into the skin that honour disobeyed.


Wings malted in the warmth of blood,

Born in the night, you every step will hound

Till you pray death may wilt this rud

And in the underworld your soul impound.



27 thoughts on “Erinyes

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    • Thank you, dragonscaleclippings. I am glad you liked the image. I spent a lot of time searching for the right one. Very pleased that you found so many other connections for it. It does look somewhat like a unclothed dementor, doesn’t it?

  2. You seem to be coming from a dark place. I hope all is well and you’re just releasing some tension. As has already been said, I can visualize every word. Well done.

    • Thank you, Bradley. Sometimes when following a particular theme, it works as a release button. My poetry does tend to take a darker tone at times. It is my way of ridding myself of negativity and exploring those parts of me that are there, even when occluded.

  3. Very powerful and intense. I have to admit to having to Google the ‘Erinyes’. Interesting, and I should have worked out the correspondence between them and the Furies of Roman mythology. Makes you think twice about promises you make!!

    • I have written about broken promises before, and this was an opportunity to return to the theme. I wonder whether your previous comments in which you made correspondences to Greek mythology might not have influenced my train of thought in writing this. They are quite something, the Furies, aren’t they?

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  5. Brunhilde soars
    Across the sky
    After battle
    Eye for an eye

    The Warriors restless
    Always rise
    To fight again
    Their heavenly prize.

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